Advantages of Lawn Sweepers

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Advantages of Lawn Sweepers
Advantages of Lawn Sweepers

Having a nice lawn can make your home look attractive as well as clean. However, having a good looking lawn comes with a price. There are things you will need to do to keep you your grass looking good. One of the things that many homeowners have to deal with is having to remove leaves and twigs from the grass. This can be a big hassle especially if you have a big hard and have lots of leaves that you have to get rid of. There is the hard way and there is the easy way of doing this. This article will talk about lawn sweepers, the benefits of having one, and what to look for when buying one.

When it comes to cleaning up your yard and getting rid of things like leaves, there are several different things you can do to go about doing this. The first and most common thing is using a rake. As you know, this can be a quick way to gather a few scattered leaves that have fallen onto your lawn. Rakes are inexpensive and can be a quick and easy way to tidy up your hard. However, when you are dealing with a larger yard and a lot of leaves, using a rake can be a real pain. How many times have you spent more than an hour breaking your back trying to gather all of the leaves into one place to dispose of them in trash bags? Although rakes have their place, when it comes to handling big jobs, they are quite inefficient.

Advantages of Lawn Sweepers
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The next thing many people use to clean their lawn is a leaf blower. This can be a good way to quickly move debris and leaves to a general area where you can then use a rake to get the leaves into a neat pile for disposal. The problem with these blowers though, is that they can be messy as well as noisy. In fact, they aren’t allowed to be used in many cities due to the noise level. So again, we have a product that somewhat helps to clean the lawn just not in the most efficient way.

So how is a lawn sweeper different? Well, in terms of efficiency, these machines can cut down the time it takes you to gather all of the leaves in your yard dramatically. There are two different types of lawn sweepers. The first is the push type where you basically just push it and the other is the tow behind where you pull it with a tractor or a riding mower. The way gathers up the leaves is with an axle with brushes on it. As you move the sweeper across your lawn, it will pick up leaves and twigs and toss it into a nylon bag. After you are done, you would just empty out the bag. It works similar to a floor sweeper.

Advantages of Lawn Sweepers

Advantages of Lawn Sweepers
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In terms of which type you should pick, that will depend on what kind of yard you have. A push lawn sweeper is smaller and can be easily stored. The sweep width on this type is about 25 inches wide. Now with the tow behind lawn sweeper, the sweep width is 36 inches wide so it will pick up more leaves. You will need a lawn tractor or riding mower to pull this type of sweeper. The bag will have wheels to prevent it from dragging on the ground. So basically, if you have a large lawn, the tow behind would be better.

The cost of these lawn sweepers will depend on what you get but they generally run for a couple hundred of dollars. The exactly cost will depend on the type you get, the bag capacity, whether or not it’s adjustable, and other factors. Since the grass blades can be at different heights, you may want to get one that can be adjusted to make it more efficient at gathering the leaves. There are many brands to choose from so what you will want to do is search for reviews on particular brands such as the Agri Fab lawn sweeper and see what others have to say.

As you can see, lawn sweepers can really make cleaning up your lawn a lot more efficient than simply using a rake or a leaf blower. Whether you need one will really depend on the size of your lawn and the type of job you have to do. With the tow behind ones, it’s easy to use but it may cost more. It just all depends on how quickly you want to get the job done in order to make and keep your yard looking clean and beautiful. You can find these online where you can see the different prices. There will be some assembly required but it’s nothing too difficult.

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