Gum Removal from Carpet with easy way

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Gum Removal From Carpet (1)
Gum Removal from Carpet with easy way


The condition of the carpet that looks cleaner will offer maximum comfort. However, some conditions can damage the entire quality of the carpet used. This happens due to the sticking of gum on some parts of the carpet. Of course it takes an ideal way to remove gum from the carpet will prevent the entire layer of detail. In fact, this pattern will also be an important part of detail of elements with quite different adjustments. Each of the ways it does will also make the gum clean and not give bad effect. Recommendations from the application of Gum Removal from Carpet usually look quite different to the details of other elements.

Gum Removal from Carpet
Gum Removal from Carpet with easy way
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  1. Use ice pack for freeze the gum

Ice pack can use as Gum Removal from Carpet. This kind of application also very easy and will not damage all layers of the carpet. Gum attached to the carpet very easily removed when all parts have a harder texture. The harder texture of this gum will usually be easier to dispose of. In addition, a layer of gum that is soft enough will not be a bad enough stain on the carpet. This should do by taking into account the size and condition of the carpet. Used time is usually longer to get gum in freezing condition.

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Gum Removal from Carpet with easy way
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  1. Use a knife to lift the gum

Another option of Gum Removal from Carpet usually uses a knife with a smaller size. This method should also tailor to the conditions of the carpet and the size of the gum. The more gums that stick to the carpet should use a sharper knife. This way it will be very easy to remove the entire gum with a size large enough. However, layers of gum have the possibility to become stain in the carpet. So this pattern should be collaborated by using additional other methods. One of the options that can consider by making gum becomes freeze then lifted with a knife.


  1. Remove the rest of gum with a spray cleaner

Gum Removal from Carpet will also leave the stain quite disturbing. Of course the stain of gum like this should remove so as not to make the material condition of the carpet look very bad. One way to consider is to use a spray cleaner and leave it for about 10 minutes. After that, all stains will clean with a brush. The pattern of brush that is used really looks very good when adjusted with the required scheme. Each of the carpet layers should avoid excessive use of spray. This should do to maintain the quality of the main material and the coating on the carpet.


  1. Use olive oil to get the best results

Olive oil considered an attractive option that can apply to Gum Removal from Carpet. In fact, this kind of material will make it easier to remove the whole gum without having to damage the layer on the carpet. Usually an easy way of applying from olive oil is by applying on all parts of the gum and left at a certain time. After that, remove gum by using additional equipment that has a small enough size. This pattern can do by applying more olive oil. The choice of more layers will also not damage the material on the carpet and make the stain part invisible.

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