How to Get Paint Out of Jeans in the Simple Ways

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How to Get Paint Out of Jeans in the Simple Ways

Nowadays, the clothes are various to wear for everyday life. The various material of the clothes cannot be avoided from the stain. Paint is one of the stain which difficult to remove from the clothes. Furthermore, jeans which is the hard material is possible to stain by the paint. However, there is easy steps of how to get paint out of jeans.

The different kinds of paint will also have different ways of getting out the stain. There are oil based paint and water based paint. Furthermore, you can fix your favorite jeans by using household material. The household substance is easy to find around your home so that you can minimize the budget. Here, the difference of how to get off the water and oil based paint from your jeans.

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How to Get Paint Out of Jeans in the Simple Ways
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Getting Out the Water Based Paint Stain from Jeans

There are many kinds of water based paint such as acrylic and latex. To begin the step, determine whether the paint stain that stick on jeans is fresh or not. If the stain is fresh, start to remove the excess paint by using sharp knife or others sharp utensil. The hard trying to remove the fresh paint by sharp utensil may reduce the stain. you may take as hard as you can to minimize the fresh paint that stab on the jeans.

Then, pour the stained area with warm water. The warm water has ability to remove the grain that may stick on the surface of the cloth. Therefore, it is also possible to do for jeans. For better result, you can soak your jeans in the warm water for about 5 minutes. You just need to soak the stain spot only and left the rest out of that.

how to get paint out of jeans (4)

How to Get Paint Out of Jeans in the Simple Ways
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Nest step, since jeans is made from hard material, you should remove the paint by using cleansing electronics. You can use isopropyl rubbing of alcohol to soak the jeans. The isopropyl alcohol will ease your process to remove the paint.

Then, you should rub the cloth until the grain of stain left out slowly. Rub the jeans by itself and do this step until you think the stain is disappeared. Do not worry about the fabric because jeans is denim and has tough material type.

Furthermore, you can create a scrub by using toothbrush or brush washing. Make sure that the grain of stain will left out. Repeat it until the cloth is free from the grain. You may need more energy and time when creating the scrub. The more you got the scrub, the more the jeans will clean up.

If the cloth looks free from the grain, then you should rinse it with warm water. The warm water will help you to clean the stain grain residual that left on the jeans. The flowing water is also fine but it may need more time and more water. So, to save the nature better you use warm water in small amount depends on the jeans.


After that, the last step is wash the jeans in the washing machine. If you usually wash manually, you can do this with replacing the water by warm water. In the pinch process, you may use alcohol content for the second times like hand sanitizer and hair spray. It will help you how to get paint out of jeans from water based paint in the simple ways.


Getting Out the Oil Based Paint Stain from Jeans

The second strategy is the ways of getting out the oil based paint that stick on the jeans. Even the oil based paint is trickier than the water based paint. The oil which is contain in the oil based paint have various appropriate solvent.  Therefore, you need to find thinner and turpentine to help you remove the paint from the jeans.

It may need extra treatment for oil based paint unlike the water based one. However, there is a way to remove it without worries. Follow these simple steps to remove the paint that stick on your jeans.

Jeans which is the tough garment need more time to remove the stain. Prepare a paper towel and an alcohol. Before you start to rub the stain area, test the paper towel of alcohol dipped on the other area of your jeans. Just take a small rub and see what happen after it. When it does not happen bad effect, you can try to the stain spot of the jeans.

Start with rubbing the stain spot by using paper tower. The paper towel should be dipped into the alcohol. Rub as hard as you can because you do not need to worry that it will break the fabric. Since, jeans is the tough fabric so it does not matter if you rub harder.

Next, putting the jeans in the bucket to make sure that the stain is in the bottom side. Make sure that the container is large enough and fit with the jeans. After that, soak the jeans with turpentine or thinner on the stain jeans. The paint stain that stick on the cloth should be soaked with the substance. So, it will loss the stain until become the grain that left on the bottom side of the container.

The soaked process needs five to ten minutes or more depends on how large the stain area on your jeans. The more you got stain on the jeans the more you need a time awaiting. Wait until the stain grain is left down in the bucket. Do not forget to wear a face mask to keep your respiration. The smell of thinner which contains toxic may you inhale is seriously dangerous.

After that, rinse your jeans with warm water. You can repeat the step many times to make sure the stain is free. Then, wash your jeans in the hot water. This laundry process should be completed only for your jeans. It is because the process of dipping alcohol and thinner will contaminate the other cloth you may mixed.

Those are the easy ways for removing the paint that spotted in the jeans. The minimal material is also simple and reachable around your home. Do not think too much when you got paint stain on your jeans. Since the simple ways of how to get paint out of jeans is ready for you to try.

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